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A long time ago a Spanish visionary and explorer Ponce de Leon led the first European expedition to the country, which is today known as Florida, with the hope to find ″spring of eternal youth″. Searching for the mystical paradise, health and beauty has always fascinated human mind. Today Florida is the home of JEUNESSE GLOBAL that is leading force of the discovery supporting rejuvenation and slow-down of the aging process. Mystical spring of youth is a symbol of Jeunesse today. Jeunesse company was established with the aim to provide a range of innovative products which are able to rejuvenate and to slow the consequences of aging process for everybody. 

What does JEUNESSE mean

The name of the company comes from French language and it means YOUTH. From the point of view of Chinese culture the date of establishment of our company is magical. It was set up on 9th September 2009 at 9.00 PM and it is the number nine that symbolizes longevity in Chinese culture. Market demand for the rejuvenating products has never been greater as it is nowadays. Increase in the average age of the population on the Earth in a combination with the development of anti-aging products has evoked a kind of maxi trend in the one of the most important trade affecting the worldwide economic market. When is the best time to become the part of the industry, which as the one of the few, affects the global economic market positively, if not now?

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Millions of satisfied customers in more than 160 countries of the world, billions in turnovers, the most rapid growth in the area of anti-aging.


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