Begin your day with an open M1ND! 

The basic idea of "the generation young" is not only to feel well. To move our system Y.E.S. into a totally new level, it is important to focus our attention to our mind. People like Einstein, DaVinci, Michelangelo who are considered to be geniuses today, had a mind which worked at an incredible level. The source of your memory is your mind and the question we are asking today is how to increase the effectiveness of mind or how to improve it. Our mind is a great recorder and player of exeperiences we have come across during our life. But as we get older we lose not only physical properties which we take for granted in our life, but we also lose important features of our mind. It is more difficult to remember people´s names, sites´ names and it is hard to remember memories. All of these activities have something in common represented by neurotransmitters which are responsible for the process of "recording" information. People use only 3 - 4% of their memory and as we get older this number is even decreasing. The aim of anti-aging medicine is not only to deal with appearance and physical conditions but also finding a solution for serious trouble of decreasing of our memory functions.

For the better imagination of memory loading nowadays it is essential to realize the fact that only the watching a video gives us lots of impulses and information which must be processed by our mind. This rush of information was called mental overload.

Science that is behind the formation of the product M1ND is unique. This product contains several key ingredients such as L- theanine - there was clinically proved its ability to reduce destruction of mental abilities thanks to persevering the calm state of mind without feeling sleepy. Many people who were using L-theanine felt the remarkable improvement in the area we call "mental chatting" when our mind creates dialogues with itself in our brain and mostly during the days when it is overloaded by work or family issues. CERA-Q supports proteins which are located in our brain, CERA-Q is also the main element of our new product called M1ND.

Do not forget that memories are one of the most important thing we have in our life. We have given the process of aging a new obstacle and it is M1ND.

Let´s say stop mental overloading of 21st century. Each of us can live longer and healthier but it is not possible withour healthy and strong mind.

M1ND exclusively by Jeunesse is the solution.